WordPress Malware Removal Service

Malware use your domain and web hosting account to
inject phishing websites (steal login credential, distribute virus/trojan to affect your audience,
make your website blacklisted and impact SEO, and finally lose your reputation and money

When you find your website infected with malware, from our experience, the website shall be infected with number of malware files. It might be dozens (or even hundreds) of malware files. Most of these malware may be further used to remotely execute arbitrary code or file injection. Therefore the number of malware file can be very large when found.

You may try to clean those malware files by yourself. However, perhaps, a few days (2 – 4 days) later, your web hosting company informs you the website is sending spam, attack other website or phishing.

Most likely, you have not clean the website completely in the last attempt.

In fact, hunting malware file may not be difficult (although sometimes be tricky). However, for end-users (or web design house), completely cleaning the website could be a tedious and time-consuming task.

With WordPress Malware Removal service

We will clean your WordPress website and remove Malware files.

We extract your data from existing WordPress, import into a blank-new one. In this way, we can ensure the new WordPress is free from malware files.

At the same time, we will update WordPress to strengthen security, and minimize the chance of being infected again.
One of the Common Malware – FilesMan (allow unauthorized file remote access)
We help you solve WordPress malware removal problem.


Service includes

Backup existing website
Extract data from existing WordPress, and import into a blank-new WordPress.
Update your WordPress website to latest version to strengthen security.
Remove inactive themes to reduce attack opportunity against WordPress
Blacklist removal (if listed)
We, on behalf of you, will request Google Safe Browsing to review your WordPress website, and request to remove blacklisted status
Support from WordPress Hosting Professional
We have been working on website and hosting over 10 years.


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