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Web security is a major issue, and most organizations are under protecting their systems. Distributed Denial of Service attacks, authentication, authorization and IT security governance are major issues needing attention on a daily basis. Unless your “core” focus is IT security, secureay’s Managed Security Services may be just what you need for protection.

We will secure your website

Online Security For Any Website


Protect Your Investment

Your website content and traffic are important to you. We make sure it stays safe from harm. secureay will protect your website

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Trusted Service Provider

We are recommended for our reliable support and cutting-edge website security research. secureay is a valid guard


Affordable and Flexible

Our annual plans are fixed in price, removing all price ambiguities. We have prepared the best security plans for you


Your idea needs a great website

Malware Removal

Blacklisting can be devastating to a website - from splash pages blocking visitors, to warning notes next to search results. Secureay can get you off the blacklist quickly. Being one of the first and most effective security scanners on the market has given us the advantage of establishing great relationships with the blacklisting authorities. Our passion for website security and our vast experience have given us expertise in blacklist removal. Trust Secureay to get your website removed from the radar of all website malware authorities.

Your website needs a great protector

Steps to safety


Your Site Hacked ? We Are Here To Help

WordPress website has been hacked ? Joomla website defaced ? Magento website been blacklisted by Google ? Need a malware removal company ? Contact us and we can quickly check if your site is infected with malware. Once you give us the ‘green light’ to start, we will assign a group of dedicated experts to remove all the malware and infections from your site.


Clean Up Your Site

We are the fastest and best and removing all malware, infections, causes of spam, trojans, viruses and malicious injected scripts from a hacked website. Also If you website has been defaced we can restore it immediately. In the words of Google we will “Restore the good content and remove the bad content”. Our immediate focus is to quickly clean your website so it is back up and running for your business



We are different than the other hack repair companies in that once your site is clean from all viruses we then work to stop your site being hacked again ! We place your site behind SharkGate ™ Protection Services that stops the hackers in their tracks. Enjoy your safety and security now.


Automatic Detection

Automatically detect XSS, SQL Injection and other web application vulnerabilities.


Dead Accurate

Use your time fixing vulnerabilities and not verifying the scanner’s findings.


Analysis Unlimited

Easily scan 100s and 1000s of web applications simultaneously


Easily Managed

Easily integrate web security scanning in the SDLC & continuous development systems.

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We Find And Fix Malware Regardless Of Platform


Why Should You Scan Your Websites for Vulnerabilities?

Businesses rely on web applications because they allow employees to access critical data from anywhere at anytime, enabling them to collaborate with business partners and be more productive.

Business-focused web applications tend to be susceptible to vulnerabilities that can be automatically detected and easily exploited. Statistics and reports from trusted sources show a constant upwards trend in successful hack attacks.

Beat malicious hackers at their own game; identify and fix vulnerabilities in your web applications before they find and exploit them. Use the Secureay automated web application security scanners to automatically identify exploitable vulnerabilities and other security flaws that can leave you and your business exposed.

What the say?

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The customer service rep I worked with was professional, extremely helpful, polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made the stress of malware on my blog much better to deal with and I was very happy with everything he organised for me.

Tom Arnold - Amazon

I wanted to take a moment and commend your employee. They are an excellent representative for your company! They LISTENED to everything I had to say before making suggestions or assumptions and quickly resolved my problem with the utmost confidence and knowledge.

D. Payne

Secureay provides professional monitoring coverage from hackers, SSL connectivity, malware free verification & PCI compliance...we are glad to have them monitor our corporate website for now 1 years.

R. Young
Your site may be hacked at any moment, Get started now to secure your site